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Spare Parts

If you need any spare part for your Toy other than a Battery or Charger, please get in contact with the make and model of your toy. Where possible please provide a picture of the part to help us identify the part.

Battery Care. Get the most out of your SLA Battery

  1. Never let a Sealed Lead Acid Battery completely discharge. (Go Dead) once your toy starts to slow down, stop using it and charge straight away till fully charged again.
  2. For maximum battery life and performance, batteries should be recharged as soon as possible after each use. Batteries should be stored in a fully charged state at all times. Storing in a discharged state will kill the battery.
  3. Disconnect the charger after the battery has been fully charged. Continuous overcharging or undercharging is the worst thing for an SLA battery and will shorten the life of your battery considerably. 
  4. Do not speed up charging time or increase voltage for a fast charge. This will result in overcharging the battery. Batteries that are overcharged will overheat. Excessive heat can destroy a battery in as little as a few hours. Overcharging kills batteries.
  5. Batteries should be stored Fully Charged in a cool, dry place. Optimal temperature is 68 degrees F. If stored at elevated temperatures, shortened battery life will most likely occur. Batteries should not be stored in a discharged state. Doing so will result in shortened battery life.